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How many baby diapers needed in the first year?

Baby Diapers Needed In The First Year

As a new parent, you are going to change a lot of diapers in the first year! On average a newborn baby needs anywhere between 2500 diapers to 3000 diapers in the first year.

Why do you say 2500 diapers are needed in the first year?

According to Michigan Medicine from The University of Michigan most of the newborn babies weight between 5.5 lb (2.5 kg) and 10 lb (4.5 kg) with an average weight of 7.5 lb. A baby with a weight of 7.5lb needs 2500 diapers in the first year based on estimates from

These estimates are calculated based on the number of times a healthy baby wets as well as soils them in a day. You can read more about them on the John Hopkins website.

Ok! Let’s talk about the break down of 2500 diapers needed in the first year.

Here is a chart showing the required diaper based on the weight of the baby and approximate age in the first year. Though each baby is unique and they grow at their own pace, this chart provides a rough estimate.

Diaper SizeBaby WeightAgeRequired Diapers
NewbornLess than 10 LB1-7 weeks490 diapers
Size 18 LB to 14 LBUp to 4 months665 diapers
Size 212 LB to 18 LB3 – 8 months567 diapers
Size 316 LB to 28 LBs5-24 months735 diapers
Total2,457 diapers

In the first year, baby needs diapers in sizes Newborn, Size 1 through Size 3 as the baby grows up to 16 LB to 28 LB.

Newborn Diapers – 490 diapers

A healthy baby goes through 10 newborn diapers per day and 70 diapers per week. You can expect your baby to fit in newborn size for around 7 weeks depending on birth weight. So with 70 diapers/week times 7 weeks, you will need 490 diapers.

Size 1 Diapers – 665 diapers

As the baby grows around 8 LB – 14 LB you will be changing Size 1 diapers at a steady pace and you can expect to use 50 to 70 diapers per week. This lasts about the first 4 to 4.5 months and you will need roughly 665 diapers.

Size 2 Diapers – 567 diapers

This is the time where you feel like you get a chance to breathe occasionally. Babies require around 35 to 49 diapers per week as they grow the bladders and slowdown wetting diapers. Size 2 diapers last till about your baby is 8 months old.

Size 3 Diapers – 735 diapers

By the time baby is about 5 months old they transition into Size 3 diapers and need around 35 diapers a week. This burn rate of diapers translates to roughly 735 diapers to get through the rest of the baby’s first year.

Isn’t it too expensive to buy so many diapers?

Yes! You are right, diapers are expensive. But just like anything else if you plan ahead and do your research you can save a lot of money on diapers. Here are two ways we suggest to save money on diapers

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  2. Compare price of diapers across brands and find the best value. Wondering if it is going to be a hassle to compare dozens of diaper brands? Check our disposable diaper price comparison page to quickly compare the price of diapers.

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