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How To Save Money On Diapers While Shopping On Amazon

On average parents spend $72 per month on diapers and it adds up to $864 an year. What if you could save 20% of it and keep it to yourself? If finding 20% discount sounds tough, how about 10%? Its very easy to save 10% on Amazon and keep $86.4 to yourself or fund more than half of Amazon Prime membership fees.

If you already saving 10% or more on diapers then you don’t need to continue reading and feel free to skip it. If are paying full price for diapers, then you must read this article to know how to save.

1. Buy open box offers and 10%-20% discount

One of the best ways I found to save is to buy open box diapers on Amazon. On average Amazon offers 10% discount on open box offers of name brands like Pampers, Huggies, etc. And sometimes these discounts go as high as 20%. If you are wondering what are openbox diapers on Amazon then read this post.

Open box offers available on
Coupe of open box offers available on Amazon as I write this article. Look at those savings!!

Check out all Open Box offers available on Amazon over here

2. Get 5% off through Subscribe & Save

Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program offers 5% discount on diapers. It’s a free program for anyone to join. Subscribe & Save program lets you subscribe to diapers and deliver them automatically at regular intervals(every month or two or 6 months, etc).

Even though you are not interested in getting diapers delivered at regular intervals, you should consider subscribing for the sake of 5% discount and cancel the subscription as soon as diapers are shipped. By the way, Amazon offers very flexible policy on cancelling your subscribe & save items. You can read more details about how to save 5% using subscribe & save program over here.

3. Amazon offers coupons, but you should not forget to clip coupons

Amazon offers a lot of coupons on diapers and they are shown on product pages. These coupons are a bit different than the codes you find on coupon websites and apply them during checkout.

They are shown on product page in a green box and you must clip them before adding the item to your cart. You can read this article to understand how to clip coupons and get discounts. For your convenience all coupons available on Amazon are gathered at a single place on home page.

5$ off coupons on Pampers Easy Ups
5$ OFF Pampers coupons found on

4. Get 20% off through Amazon Family program. Prime Membership Required.

Amazon offers Amazon Family programs to its prime members which gives 20% discount on diapers when at least 5 items are subscribed in a month delivery.

This program is an extension to the regular subscribe & save program that offers 5% for all shoppers irrespective of if they are Prime Members are not.

In my opinion it’s a bit of stretch for regular Amazon shoppers to subscribe to 5 items in a month. But who knows! If you are a super savvy Amazon shopper then you must join Amazon Family program and get 20% discount. Check this page on Amazon for more details on Amazon Family program.

5. Get 5% Cash Back By Using Amazon Prime Credit Card. Prime Membership Required.

This is another Prime members perk and also for those who are willing to get Amazon’s Credit Card. If you are not in mood for Amazon Prime credit card then skip this one.

Amazon offers Prime Credit Card for its members and it gives whooping 5% cash back on everything you buy at Amazon. So if you buy diapers using this credit card then you score 5% discount. Check out this page on Amazon for more details on Prime Credit Card.

So after reading all tips do you still think its tough to get 10%-20% off Amazon? I don’t think so. I save at least 15% by using my Prime Credit card to buy Open Box diapers offers.