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What Are Amazon Open Box Diapers?

Open Box diapers on Amazon offer deep discounts, anywhere between 10%-25% compared to new diaper boxes. If you want to save a lot of money on baby diapers, you must consider Open Box diapers on

You may be wondering – what are open box diapers? are they damaged in anyway and harmful/uncomfortable to the kiddo? If so continue reading…

Open box diaper deals are offered at discount price because the boxes were damaged in Amazon’s warehouse. This does not mean that diapers are damaged in anyway. Since the diapers aren’t fragile and are sealed in plastic, they are clean and perfectly usable. Amazon tries to be extremely careful while loading and unloading packages, but occasionally damages do happen and they render cosmetic imperfections. As there are cosmetic imperfections on the packages, Amazon either fixes them with additional duct tape or re-packages them using Amazon’s warehouse packing material. Such diaper packages are marked as “Used” / “Opex Box” and sold through Amazon’s subsidiary ‘Amazon Warehouse Deals’.

Would you buy Open Box Diapers?

As a new parent, when I first learnt about Open Box diapers I was worried a bit about their quality. Also as a mom I was worried about if they anyway cause issues to the soft bums of my baby. I took a plunge as the savings so tempting and I don’t mind failing. Once I received the package from Amazon, I was so glad to that I took a right decision in buying them. Though the box was in bad shape, diapers were intact and as good as new ones.

If you are also worried about their quality, you are not alone. There are so many people out there and here are few quotes from mom’s who purchased open box diapers

Yes! I buy them all the time, and I have never had any issues. The diapers are always packaged but sometimes not in the original box. Plus you can return them if you run into a problem. I usually buy them when I’m out of diapers and can’t wait for my next S&S shipment to come. The price is usually a dollar more than the S&S Amazon Mom price.

by Yin

I’ve bought overnight diapers on Amazon that were open box before. The box itself was a mess, but the plastic was intact and none of the diapers were missing or damaged.


yup I did it was huggies snug and dry ct 222 and I got it for $12.78 which is a tiny bit less then 6 cents a diaper. It’s a great deal!!!!

by MyLittleWalnut

How to find Open Box diapers on Amazon?

They are hard to find on Amazon! Obviously Amazon does not want their products damaged at warehouse and sell them at reduced price. So occasionally they have damaged packages and listed on Amazon as Used offers. We used to keep a close watch on Amazon website and whenever they are listed we grab 2-3 boxes.

As we found it very difficult to search for open box diapers on Amazon’s website, we created the website Baby Diaper Deals . We scan Amazon’s website regularly and list all available open box diapers at one place so that you can easily find them.